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CRTC sorta kinda does some things about the internet

All powerful, all knowing

Oh CRTC you little vixen you. You are not supposed to be involved in the internet, yet over the past week you have stuck your nose in it twice. Fun! Let’s see what you had to say. I do wish they had left internet affairs to the professional ISPs. I’m afraid that the CRTC has failed to value the internet accordingly. If you go to then you will understand how significant a role it plays even for businesses. And now, the CRTC has encroached on us all with their latest damning remarks.

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Bell wants to appeal “net neutrality” decision

All bits are equal - fucking A

Net neutrality is VERY important dammit. For the internet legal types (hello!) it’s always one of the most important topics of discussion around the ol’ water cooler. So when a communications behemoth like Bell decides to appeal a big neutrality decision, it should be a huge story. Like earlier this week, when it was widely reported that Bell Mobility filed some appeal documents in the Federal Court of Canada. But there are some real misconceptions about all this that yours truly is here to clear up in my usual irascible way.

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The Anti-Spam Law isn’t just about spam – let’s install some computer programs

Floppy_disk_2009_G1Oh sure, we’ve written about how stupid CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Law) is around here many times. Basically because it’s stupid. But we’ve always focused on the actual spam parts of the law. However coming very soon, another part of the law is going to come into effect. And finally, last week the CRTC provided some guidelines on the subject. So we better take a look at this business about installing computer programs. Is it as stupid as the spam parts? We’ll see! Maybe you would like to consider computer repairs after reading this article then you may want to consider Steve’s computer repair service, it is always important to make sure that you do have a working healthy computer when installing computer programs to make sure that you do not get any viruses.

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The CRTC vs. Netflix – POW! SOK! BLAM!


What do you get when you mix Canada’s broadcasting regulator and the company that defines the future of “television”? Fisticuffs! Well, not really, we’re talking about bureaucrats here. But we do get a heated discussion, and Netflix sticking it to the man. We also get internet lawyers on TV. What’s this all about? ONLY THE FUTURE OF BROADCASTING AND INTERNET VIDEO IN CANADA. Which is why they put me on TV I guess. Lemme explain.

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Here are the slides of a presentation I gave this morning for the Plank Breakfast Club, an amazing new series happening at the awesome company where I spent five years, Plank. My audience was enraptured as I regaled them with how their organizations are screwed under Canada’s Anti-Spam Law. I was enraptured by some very good questions:


(pic courtesy of @iamflb, used without permission, probably)