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Hooray for the CRTC!

All powerful, all knowing

Look, I don’t like praising a public regulator any more than you like reading about me praising a public regulator. Yet when the CRTC strengthens net neutrality in Canada while our friends down south are essentially f*cked on the same subject, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Bell wants to appeal “net neutrality” decision

All bits are equal - fucking A

Net neutrality is VERY important dammit. For the internet legal types (hello!) it’s always one of the most important topics of discussion around the ol’ water cooler. So when a communications behemoth like Bell decides to appeal a big neutrality decision, it should be a huge story. Like earlier this week, when it was widely reported that Bell Mobility filed some appeal documents in the Federal Court of Canada. But there are some real misconceptions about all this that yours truly is here to clear up in my usual irascible way.

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