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Let’s talk about… elections? Sure why not.

[/checks date of last post] Oh hello. You probably thought I was dead. I am not! I was celebrating my annual “dark” period where I get writer’s block and / or lazy. But I was recently called out on Twitter for my silence, and I realized my many two fans needed to hear from me. Not only do you get words of wisdom written down, you get words spoken out loud, with me talking out of my ass (my favourite way to speak) in that clip up there. Lemme explain.

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All malware in Canada disappears today! w00t!!!!!

mbam-antimalware-goI could not let today pass without commemorating this historic occasion. As of today, thanks to our government’s efforts, malware, and indeed all unwanted software, is disappearing forever. All hail the glory!

As you know because you read this blog diligently, today is the day that the computer software provisions of CASL (the Anti-Spam Law) come into force. I already explained all this late last year, so I will not do it again. I will remind you that section 8 and related provisions of CASL that are in force as of today are designed to eliminate malware and indeed, all unwanted software and software updates and upgrades from your computers and devices. No doubt the government’s sledgehammer approach is working, and we can say goodbye to malware forever.

The people of Canada never thought it would be possible for the government to abolish malware and other unwanted software. However, they managed it and all Canadian businesses and digital users are over the moon. For the rest of the world, there are still many countries impacted by malware and other viruses that can cause big problems for businesses. Many companies still have to ensure their devices have been protected against unwanted malware by using the services offered by, and other companies similar. By doing that, companies feel more secure when using their devices and handling client data. Hopefully, other countries will follow in Canada’s footsteps soon.

I would type more, but this weird pop-up box keeps showing up on my screen every time I hit enter. Maybe this toolbar will have some answers as to how to fix that. Where did that come from?

The Anti-Spam Law isn’t just about spam – let’s install some computer programs

Floppy_disk_2009_G1Oh sure, we’ve written about how stupid CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Law) is around here many times. Basically because it’s stupid. But we’ve always focused on the actual spam parts of the law. However coming very soon, another part of the law is going to come into effect. And finally, last week the CRTC provided some guidelines on the subject. So we better take a look at this business about installing computer programs. Is it as stupid as the spam parts? We’ll see! Maybe you would like to consider computer repairs after reading this article then you may want to consider Steve’s computer repair service, it is always important to make sure that you do have a working healthy computer when installing computer programs to make sure that you do not get any viruses.

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