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Facebook wins in privacy court (for now)

Irony can be pretty ironic

Boy I have gotten a ton of use from this pic

In which we return to discussing developments from times forgotten. Like, uh, 6 weeks ago? That’s not too bad (for me)! Also there was a development in this case just two and half weeks ago, so that’s kind of timely? Shut up, it is. Also, I should point out before we go further that there is no “privacy court” (yet!) as suggested by my headline. Lemme explain…

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TekSavvy keeps fighting for you and losing

Never gets old. Go Habs Go.

Oh, hai. [/checks date on last post]. Ooh, boy. Been a while! Maybe I only blog in months starting with the letter J? Yeah, let’s go with that. ANYWAY, a huge case came out [/checks date] about a month ago. Ooh, boy. I really should be better at this blogging thing. Maybe blame COVID? Yeah, let’s go with that. Or maybe I should just stop checking dates. On to the month-old case!

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Happy Anniversary CASL, you constitutional law, you!

The “Inception” of spam emails. Click to embiggen it’s a fun read.

Happy Canada Day, eh? Not only is it Canada Day, it is the 6th anniversary of the coming into force of Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL), the law that ended spam forever. Well except for the spam I screen-shotted above from yesterday that is freaking me out man, in the way it is turning a mirror on me and my little website’s 7-year-old posts and internet privacy. So what do you get a law that has everything? How about a decision from the Federal Court of Appeal that says you pass constitutional muster? Done and done, and it even came 3 weeks early. OK it’s not Friday afternoon anymore, so let’s read this fucking 250-paragraph thing already.

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This is… an editorial? A thought piece? Commentary? Anyway it’s some words about the Right to be Forgotten

Have you forgotten about Simple Minds?

Hello! Let’s try something new today – me talking out of my ass. Shut up, my other posts are not me talking out of my ass. They are a combination of me recapping an important court decision or newsworthy item AND me talking out of my ass. This post will just be that second part. Fun! But there is some context, lemme explain.

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Supreme Court makes a statement (or five) about defamation on the internet and where to sue

Nice houseSo a HUGELY important internet law case came out of the Supreme Court of Canada [/checks watch] almost 3 months ago now. Hmmm. I seemed to have taken the summer off. It was just too darn hot and humid for blogging! But school starts next week (hello McGill LAWG 534 readers!) so I better get my ass back in scholastic mode.

More importantly (and truthfully), I have been dreading writing about this case, even though it’s kinda interesting, and it’s my job to write about these things, and it’s my job to understand these things so I can teach them to the youths. Lemme explain.

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