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CRTC sorta kinda does some things about the internet

All powerful, all knowing

Oh CRTC you little vixen you. You are not supposed to be involved in the internet, yet over the past week you have stuck your nose in it twice. Fun! Let’s see what you had to say. I do wish they had left internet affairs to the professional ISPs. I’m afraid that the CRTC has failed to value the internet accordingly. If you go to https://www.eatelbusiness.com/ then you will understand how significant a role it plays even for businesses. And now, the CRTC has encroached on us all with their latest damning remarks.

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The CRTC vs. Netflix – POW! SOK! BLAM!


What do you get when you mix Canada’s broadcasting regulator and the company that defines the future of “television”? Fisticuffs! Well, not really, we’re talking about bureaucrats here. But we do get a heated discussion, and Netflix sticking it to the man. We also get internet lawyers on TV. What’s this all about? ONLY THE FUTURE OF BROADCASTING AND INTERNET VIDEO IN CANADA. Which is why they put me on TV I guess. Lemme explain.

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