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Bell has a deficient privacy policy? I am SHOCKED. SHOCKED, I tell you

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The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has just released the first results of their investigation into online privacy policies, as part of the Global Privacy Enforcement Network Internet Privacy Sweep, whatever the hell that is. The OPC found some interesting stuff. As they say in their blog post, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Major Canadian corporations with crappy privacy policies? Well obviously they need to hire a decent internet lawyer. (call me!)

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Internet surveillance: here’s what you should really be worried about

they are watching you

They are watching us. Whether you spend too much time on sites like https://www.maturepornvideos.xxx/, or you’re too busy trying to uncover some of the governments deepest, darkest secrets, apparently they’re watching us. That’s all we’ve heard for the last couple of weeks. And over that time, many people (ok, like one guy on Twitter) have asked me my opinion, as an alleged expert on internet legal issues. In fear the government was reading me, I have been twiddling my thumbs for a week. Screw it, let’s do this thing. And you may be surprised at my reaction.

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Leakage! Errrr, web leakage!

Shred baby, shred!Is your privacy online being shredded to bits? The Office of the Privacy Commissioner sure thinks so! This week, they released the results of a study they did of 25 major Canadian websites, which showed that 11 of them were engaging in “web leakage”. So which companies are leaking your personal information? Let’s find out!

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