Happy (?) Data Privacy Day / Week / Month / Millenium


Oh hai! Still a couple of hours left to celebrate #DataPrivacyDay, #DataPrivacyCentury, or whatever. Meh, privacy. Who needs it.

I keed. YOU need privacy of course! Keep the man off your data. To celebrate, go ahead and watch me in the video above, giving a talk about, I dunno, privacy or something. It’s been a whirlwind #DataPrivacyWeek for me, being an expert and so forth I am in demand! Above was the talk I gave at McGill. Besides the terrible “uh’s” and “um’s”, it’s not too bad! And a good summary of what’s coming in Quebec’s new privacy law, and how it helps you. Enjoy! Slides here to download if you really can’t get enough of me. Now go be private.





As soon as I finish Season 4 or OZARKS I will be streaming you and give a full review.
The Conservatives raised the spectra of the soul sucking invasion of privacy committed by Federal’s Health Officials using metadata to track Canadians movements in an attempt to learn more about the Coronavirus spread and Canadian’s flocking habits.
Are they suggesting it should be a crime for the goverment to know more about the people it governs than Facebook or Google?

I am Meh, if it helps reduce the transaction costs go for it.


RT has been shut down for me. I can still get Sputnik.
Its a terrible crime that has been committed against the Ukrainian people.
Its like the terrible crime the truckers committed against Canada.
It left Trudeau in a Koborasi Muri situation. If he does nothing he loses, if he enacts the emergency measures he loses,
Putin faced the same dilemma.
I wonder if the same people where running both scenario?


We have always been at war with Ocianai
The world has descended into a a mirror of the partisian horror of democracy given to us by the yellow press pundits.


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