Happy Data Privacy Day!


Happy Data Privacy Day. Keep your data private! If you are here to get my presentation slides from my talk at McGill today, you can download them here.


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5 Responses to Happy Data Privacy Day!

  1. steve says:

    Data privacy is like nude photos a hungered years ago. Today given the choice between enticement and privacy most will stay I want both. But if I have to choose why not let it all hang out. They shoot horses dont they?

  2. steve says:

    I just bought a NFT screen shot of your blog for 1 dollar. Sue me

  3. steve says:

    Every day there is more injustice in the world by a wide margin. If it was a hockey stat it would be so far in the negative they would fire every lawyer. Now is where I should propose a brilliant solution, but I cant. Best thing I can come up with is a 5 year liar MRI for all politicians.
    Never think things are not getting better with our without powerful lawyers. Doug Ford has taken two big flesh wounds that are not going to heal well in Ontario. The Zombie Hwy 413 and the Amazon Dam to lake Ontario. Google it you lazy kids.

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