Let’s end this damn year already

Look, if I have to be honest, my year was fine. I don’t know if you heard how important the internet was this year, but it was. And that tends to work in favour of people in the internet business, like me! Besides a lot of inconvenience like everyone else, my close family and I were not really affected by COVID. So I can’t complain.

I hope all four of my readers (Steve, Massimo, Commissioner Miner and Mom) are safe and healthy, and are having a wonderful holiday season. I know every year I say “this internet thing could really take off next year” but given I was right last year (finally!) I’ll just say “to a much better 2021”. I’ll take having a worse year business-wise if it means we can all get back to more normal times.

See you in 2021.


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Happy New Year Allen and all Mendelista Internetista.
The Chinese curse of living in interesting times, we be more interesting this year.
Fearless prediction, “we dont need no stinking anti trust” will continue as far as badges goes.

Massimo Orsini

Happy New Year, Allen!! Seems like I’m in great company here (greetings and best wishes to Steve, Commissioner Miner, and Allen’s mom).


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