Happy holidays AM.com readers! Let’s get the F away from this year already

Look, I personally had a decent year in 2017. I taught Cybersecurity and Privacy at McGill’s Faculty of Law for the first time, I had plenty of work, I had a few good whiskeys, and all in all I can’t complain. But holy fuck those poor kids down below the 49th stuck in Trump hell. And SO MUCH sexual harassment. Not to mention some very sad passings, like Gord Downie, Tom Petty, Berry, Benson, a Batman and a Bond.

But fuck it. We’re still here, life goes on, and it can’t get much worse than this. As I predict every year, I am sure this internet thingy will take off in 2018. With net neutrality FFS.

Anyway, thanks for reading Steve. Thanks mom for editing. Thanks to the rest of you for popping in from time to time.

Happy holidays!


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All the best in the New Year Allen!

At least the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology released a report in December on the clarity of CASL, which I view as somewhat of an early Christmas present.


Thanks Paul same to you.

The CASL report is interesting. Does some stuff but really seems like it doesn’t go far enough to actually do something. Will write about it in the new year for sure. I’m in holiday mode now…


Allen I am sure your a Christmas present to your students everyday.
I say Merry Christmas but its just a logo. I think Santa Clause is probably more historically correct than the other guy.

I hope you have the best holiday ever, and give the Best to the mother of a great Mensch.

There is a ying and yang to everything. 2017 lots of Ying, 2018 may start some yang pendulum swinging.

To every gender race belief and I have to include border collies,
lets work together to be positive and make this world better. Despite what you read in the news, this as been a exponential progression
for the last two hundred years.

Lets make the earth great again.


Hi Allen. I bumped onto your site by chance a few weeks ago while searching for informations about my macbook air 2015 which is litterally dead after…11 months of use. After searching on internet i will know that the mother board died. I leave in Mtl and presently in Netherland Antilles. Spoke 4 times to Apple representatives. They cant do nothing. Not able to do my banking, Or making some online investments …Very sad !
Anyway I wish you the Best for 2018 and keep up the great work. On a besoin d’individus comme vous pour operer cerains changements necessaires ds ce monde.


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