Internet law expert says things on TV

canada am screen shot3This morning noted internet law expert Allen Mendelsohn (who?) appeared on CTV’s Canada AM to opine about the update to the Copyright Act that came into effect today. It’s called the “notice and notice regime” and I’ve written about it before. Wow, 3 years ago! Everything I wrote is still valid though, as the government did not change or add one word to the law since then. Lazy government.

Anyway, god forbid CTV should have an embeddable video player, so here are some links:

Just the video

Actual news story with quotes from somebody you know (plus the video)

My new year’s resolution is to media whore like it’s 1999. So far so good. I’ll be on CJAD tomorrow at 7:10 AM, CKNW on Sunday at 4:30 PM (EST) and on other radio stations Monday morning. Just waiting on The National. Call me, CBC!

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3 Responses to Internet law expert says things on TV

  1. steve says:

    Great interview Allen. As you kow I was blown away that CTV allowed you to speak the truth to power.

    I often listen to the roundtable discussion on CFRB. (a Bell property)They were recently discussing the Netflicks whack a Canadian mole stratagy. The hosts and guest struggled to outdue each other in condeming Canadians who gamed the system to have equality with our American Cousins.

  2. israel says:

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