Happy Holidays, Mad Men-style

Best holidya party EVAH

Thanks to all of you for reading the blog this year. Without you, I’d really just be writing a diary. And maybe be in therapy.

Happy Holidays to you. Please enjoy a delicious beverage.

Here’s to a healthy and happy and prosperous 2014 for all. I predict internet law will be important in 2014. This internet technology thingy is going places I tells ya.


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Allen all the best to you and yours during this holiday season. Thank you for all your excellent contributions to my personal wiki all year long.

Bill 101

I think this blog is marvellous. Thank you.

I find it fascinating that some of us are being forced to behave “illegally” (streaming, downloads etc) because of the networks’ inability to adopt a new model whereby we pay a little for each game/movie/episode. Why is this not happening? Am I missing something obvious? Perhaps 2014 will tell.


no, thank YOU!

Interesting question and issue. Part of the problem is the way regional rights work. Some Canadian media outlet buys a property and has distribution rights for Canada, but there are different deals for various countries around the world. Because the internet is international, it complicates setting up a decent online system for distribution


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