Happy Google Privacy Policy Day!

Google has touched us with its noodly appendage

Today is March 1st, meaning that Google’s new Privacy Policy has gone into effect. I already wrote about it, but it’s still worth celebrating! Or complaining about, if you’re France, or Canada’s Privacy Commissioner, or, well, a whole bunch of other people probably.

I am currently hammering out a piece on the new policy for The Gazette’s Legal Matters. I’ll update this post with a link to that when it gets published, assuming they don’t reject it for my fucking salty language.

UPDATE – And here is The Gazette article. Fuck it’s not too bad. Enjoy!

UPDATE #2 – Check out what’s the most poular story on The Gazette right now:

Sorry mobstersJust don’t tell the Mob I’m more popular than them.





For those who say they have nothing to fear from the government if they are not doing anything wrong. Aside from the fact the definition of wrong keeps changing, you cant trust the government.(period)

Anglo Saxons seem determined to screw up a good thing. A prime example of why we cannot trust the police to have warrantless access, with no record of their activities. I wonder how many environmental groups in Canada have a surge in “new membership” I wonder how many of these new member will consul illegal activities. I wonder how many sheep will be lead to the slaughter. To quote my mother “ the world is going to hell in a handbasket”.


Excellent read (this blog, and the Gazette article)…

I don’t understand how you can explain legal stuff so well…must be the degrees.

I was recently going through stuff from the Office de la Protection au Consommateur (Québec consumer protection – or whatever the translation would be) and every article references other articles that reference more articles, rinse and repeat. The wording used in all these legal documents is (I think) made to make you lose your mind. If you are not trained to read those documents, you’re fucked.


Yes, yes I am. Been crazy busy lately (renovations and planning a wedding!)…Not enough time to even read/post on that habs blog ;). But yeah, government documents are just made to lose yourself in the documentation…I have a tiny bit of experience as I did work at the Policy and Planning branch in the federal government (the not-so-defunt HRDC department) and I tell ya, I’m glad I was “only” the webmaster and not the one actually writing those…holy shit.


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