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Hi there! Welcome to AllenMendelsohn.com, your source for all things Allen Mendelsohn. Well actually that’s not true. It’s really your source for all things internet law-related. Wait, don’t go away! This is going to be interesting, I promise. Join me after the jump so I can explain why this isn’t your average boring law blog that no one reads.

I live a dual life on the internet. As you can see from my About Me page, my professional career is a lawyer specializing in internet law. I won’t bore you with the details, because they’re boring. But internet law itself is fascinating, and I really like what I do. My other life on the internet is as a blogger, under the nom de plume HabsFan29. I have a modicum of internet fame / notoriety for some humourous blogging about the greatest team in the universe, the Montreal Canadiens, at Four Habs Fans (possibly NSFW, depending where you work, more likely NSFW on Sexy Friday). I also waste some time blogging about the HBO show True Blood. Allen Mendelsohn is a well-respected lawyer and member of the community; HabsFan29 is not. Though the internet seems to like him. It has occurred to me that maybe I could combine the two lives somehow.

I have wanted to write about internet law, especially from a Canadian perspective, since I started practicing in this field. Problem was writing a standard legal blog just didn’t get me excited. But could someone write about a serious and important topic like the law with a sense of humour and fun? Given the title of this post is a Blazing Saddles quote, I think you have your answer. Besides, there are already two giants writing about internet law (and Intellectual Property) in Canada – Barry Sookman and Michael Geist. They’re great and informative (so read them), but generally serious. I hope to be great and informative, but fun. If that means I have to use some salty FourHabsFans-style language every now and then, so be it. But internet law touches us all every day (it’s influencing you RIGHT NOW), so I wanted to appeal to the internet in general, not just the lawyers. I hope and pray to succeed. I’ll also limit the legal-speak, so you wont be stuck reading dreadful Latin terms like sine qua non and mutatis mutandi. Don’t worry, I barely know what they mean either.

So c’mon in every now and then, or grab the RSS feed on the right over there, and let’s take a ride through the world of internet law together. Shit that sounds corny. Just read, ok?


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