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The story of HeenanBlaikie.com, or, Cybersquatting 101

waitwhat?Heenan Blaikie was one of the most prestigious firms in the history of Canadian law.  It had a long glorious history of fine lawyers and lawyering. Then it went belly up. Now their old website address (well, one of them) heenanblaikie.com is possibly NSFW, as seen in the screenshot above. Lawyers! Internet! NSFW! If there was ever a story that combined all my interests, this is it.

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Thank goodness for internet porn. Wait, what?

Not explicit enough for me!Ah, internet porn. Is there nothing you can’t do? You see, if it wasn’t for the internet porn websites like https://www.watchmygirlfriend.xxx/, technology would be five years behind, and most likely internet law would be five years behind too. Because internet porn is so pervasive, because it involves internet payments, contracts, intellectual property and plenty more legal issues for people all over the world, a lot of cases end up in court. One such case released last week has some important lessons about jurisdiction over Canadian pornographers (ok, all companies) in an American court. Let’s take a look at the case and also use it for a little lesson about jurisdiction here in Canada (well, Quebec).

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