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Québec government solves all gambling problems forever

I raise you $10Sure, it has to block a few websites to do it, but isn’t that a small price to pay?

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Arrrrrrrr your piracy days over? Federal Court of Canada weighs in


Last Thursday, a huge decision came down from the Federal Court of Canada in the case of Voltage Pictures v. John Doe and Jane Doe. No, seriously, this is big. 80 Google News results! When was the last time a Federal Court decision even made the news? Does the decision mean the end of Canadian illegal downloading as we know it? Maybe! Maybe not! Well that’s clear as mud. Let’s try and sort this all out.

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Arrrgh, there be pirates in Canada, and you may even know them, Part 2 in a _-part series

ARRRGGHHAnother week, another notice from another ISP forwarded to your intrepid blogger for his usual insightful analysis snark. But this one’s even more fun, because it’s already found its way into the courts this week. Let’s dive in to the tale of a third-rate Hollywood movie company intent on suing everyone, everyone’s favourite Canadian ISP TekSavvy, and my secret spy friend, WHO’S TOTALLY INNOCENT. I want to make that clear.

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CRTC gets it right again! (sort of, maybe)

All powerful, all knowing

So yesterday our old friends at the CRTC came down with a decent decision. Another one! But it may not really be the awesome win for you and me that you think it is. Let’s take a look at this whole usage-based billing business (say that five times fast) after the jump.

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