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Happy Google Privacy Policy Day!

Google has touched us with its noodly appendage

Today is March 1st, meaning that Google’s new Privacy Policy has gone into effect. I already wrote about it, but it’s still worth celebrating! Or complaining about, if you’re France, or Canada’s Privacy Commissioner, or, well, a whole bunch of other people probably.

I am currently hammering out a piece on the new policy for The Gazette’s Legal Matters. I’ll update this post with a link to that when it gets published, assuming they don’t reject it for my fucking salty language.

UPDATE – And here is The Gazette article. Fuck it’s not too bad. Enjoy!

UPDATE #2 – Check out what’s the most poular story on The Gazette right now:

Sorry mobstersJust don’t tell the Mob I’m more popular than them.

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Let’s read a privacy policy. For fun!

you WILL complyDo you use Google products? Of course you do. You’re probably using one right now. If you do, you got an email last week from Google saying that as of March 1st, you will be covered by their brand-spanking new Privacy Policy. Since there is nothing really exciting in Canadian internet law this week, I thought I’d take some time to read the thing so you don’t have to. As I write privacy policies for a living, I am confident I will be able to handle this task with all the usual straightforward hard hitting legal analysis you’ve come to expect from me. Or I could really pile on the snark. Join me after the jump to find out which one!

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Google FAIL

Sometimes victory means a few setbacksPretty slow news week in the world of internet law in Canada. Apparently we can’t have a big CRTC decision every week. Tragic, really. So let’s have a little fun. We’ve got some internet news that’s not law-related out of Google, as yesterday they announced that they are killing off seven Google products due to suckiness. Let’s take a look at the products you won’t miss after the jump.

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