Yahoo! My job is in jeopardy, part deux


/ checks date of last blog post.

Oooh boy.

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Facebook won’t like this and my job is in jeopardy – thanks, Supreme Court!

Irony can be pretty ironic

Mmm, that’s good irony

Oh Supreme Court, you’ve gone and done it now.

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Notices! Online Pics! YouTube! It’s the Canadian internet law jurisprudence month in review

mmm, dusty

The month of May 2017 will go down in the annals of internet law history for having not one, not two, but five (three, sir!) three cases of note about internet law in Canada. Well, maybe not “of note”, but noteworthy. Oh crap, I just looked and one of the cases is actually from April. Well this is starting poorly.
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Hooray for the CRTC!

All powerful, all knowing

Look, I don’t like praising a public regulator any more than you like reading about me praising a public regulator. Yet when the CRTC strengthens net neutrality in Canada while our friends down south are essentially f*cked on the same subject, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Dispatches from the world of internet law for March 2017

Im THINKING dammit

I’m still thinking about what to write!

Sometimes you have have a lot to write about and sometimes you have nothing to write about. This is one of those times. So let’s write about all of it. And none of it.

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Forget the right to be forgotten in Canada (for now)

Have you forgotten about Simple Minds?

There was a huge, huge, huge (no really it was huge) internet law case that came out of the Federal Court about a month ago. “If it was so huge, why are you only writing about it now?” you are asking me. Shut up is why.

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Keyword searches and colleges and trademarks, oh my!

Do I want to dive into the world of trademarks and have to explain to you how the law of trademarks works? Fuck and no. I hate trademarks with the fire of a thousand suns; that’s almost as much as I hate patents. I am some kind of IP lawyer! But we’ve got an important internet law case out of the BC Court of Appeals that is about trademarks, so I guess I have no choice. Are we having fun yet?

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Happy Holidays and Goodbye 2016

OK I’ll say it, 2016 sucked. Well it was fine for me personally and professionally, but that was one ugly US election and we lost a lot of good people. Thank goodness it’s almost over.

You readers were great though! On behalf of the whole team, thanks so much for sticking with us and making this law blogging thingy all sorts of fun! As I predict every year, I am sure this internet thingamajig will take off in 2017. Sooner or later that will come true.

Happy holidays!

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