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Happy holidays readers! Let’s get the F away from this year already

Look, I personally had a decent year in 2017. I taught Cybersecurity and Privacy at McGill’s Faculty of Law for the first time, I had plenty of work, I had a few good whiskeys, and all in all I can’t complain. But holy fuck those poor kids down below the 49th stuck in Trump hell. And SO MUCH sexual harassment. Not to mention some very sad passings, like Gord Downie, Tom Petty, Berry, Benson, a Batman and a Bond.

But fuck it. We’re still here, life goes on, and it can’t get much worse than this. As I predict every year, I am sure this internet thingy will take off in 2018. With net neutrality FFS.

Anyway, thanks for reading Steve. Thanks mom for editing. Thanks to the rest of you for popping in from time to time.

Happy holidays!

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You can go ahead and send those text messages to your drug dealer (maybe)

Well that’s good news I guess? Two very important cases came out of the Supreme Court a couple of weeks ago. And while technically they are not internet law cases, and I write a blog about internet law, they are huge privacy cases. And I teach privacy! So I guess I should read them and write about them.


We have Freedom on the Net in Canada; lots of countries not so lucky

Once again this year I authored the Canada Report for Freedom House‘s Freedom on the Net 2017. It’s worth saying (as I did last year) how much I think it’s an honour to do so. But it’s easy to establish that we are pretty lucky in Canada in comparison to a lot of places. Let’s take a look at how much it sucks to be in…