Law-talking guy invading your TV again

If you turn on Canada AM these days, chances are you’re gonna see some random lawyer dude who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Or, you know, me. So here’s me this week talking about all the data that the smartphone fitness apps and wearables are collecting when you’re out there getting your ass in shape. Who owns that data? What are the legal issues surrounding it? Damned if I know. But damned if that doesn’t stop me from attempting to answer that question on national TV! Here’s some background for you.

Kudos to CTV for finally allowing their video to be embedded. It’s the internet way. Also, thanks to Bev Thompson who was a delight. I have now hit for the cycle of Canada AM hosts.

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10 Responses to Law-talking guy invading your TV again

  1. steve says:

    My second attempt and it will not be orginal and pertinent. Nice job Allen, your becoming a favorite of Bell Media. Nicely done.
    Your appearance could have been taken right from the storyline of Continuum Your health the ultimate app, your biggest big brother.

  2. This kind of clever work and reporting!Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve included you guys.

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