All malware in Canada disappears today! w00t!!!!!

mbam-antimalware-goI could not let today pass without commemorating this historic occasion. As of today, thanks to our government’s efforts, malware, and indeed all unwanted software, is disappearing forever. All hail the glory!

As you know because you read this blog diligently, today is the day that the computer software provisions of CASL (the Anti-Spam Law) come into force. I already explained all this late last year, so I will not do it again. I will remind you that the section 8 and related provisions of CASL that are in force as of today are designed to eliminate malware and indeed, all unwanted software and software updates and upgrades from your computers and devices. No doubt the government’s sledgehammer approach is working, and we can say goodbye to malware forever.

I would type more, but this weird pop-up box keeps showing up on my screen every time I hit enter. Maybe this toolbar will have some answers as to how to fix that. Where did that come from?

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  1. steve says:

    good thing it works internatinally otherwise it would be useless

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