The Courts

This hugely important Google case will be going on for a while…

guilty guilty guilty

Within 14 days of the date of this judgment, Google Inc. is to cease indexing or referencing in search results on its internet search engines the websites contained in Schedule A…

Supreme Court of British Columbia

I would not blame you if you thought that order above was from the Google Right to be Forgotten case. It is not. It is from Canada. And it will be seriously precedent-setting. Well, if the appeals don’t gut it first. We’re a long way from this being over, but we’ve had two important decisions so far, the most recent one last week, so I guess I better chronicle them so when we end up in the Supreme Court of Canada in three years, I can just refer back to this post because I’m lazy. Let’s dive in.


Happy Anti-Spam Day!


Sure, it’s Canada Day, but well, this is much more important. CASL is in effect as of today! Yay! Booooooo. I have absolutely no desire to write about this stupid fucking law again, so go read the archives. I might also suggest this excellent substantive FAQ from Barry Sookman he posted yesterday.

I am pleased to report that in all seven of my email accounts, I have yet to receive a single piece of spam today! Well done, government! It works! Oh wait, here’s one. Larger penis, eh? Ooh look, some pharmacy-grade viagra to go with it! Well that was fun while it lasted.