Big Brother is seriously watching you

Irony can be pretty ironic
Mmm, that's good irony

Find out how Facebook is screwing with your privacy (today) after the jump…

The Courts

Twitter should sue the pants off of Facebook

Have you logged into Facebook in the last day or so? If you haven’t, go ahead and do it now. I’ll wait. (…) So did you see that new feed on the right hand side? It’s part of Facebook’s new “features” which are rolling out this week. Ugh. Forgetting the stupidity of some of the other features (bugs), let’s break down the all-new FB “ticker” after the jump.

Internet law basics

Here’s a little internet law primer of sorts

Embedded below are the slides I used for a presentation to a Montreal law firm about internet law and advice for their corporate clients. Of course, you don’t get all my witty banter and brilliant oration skills just looking at some dumb slides, but maybe it’s interesting anyway. Though I doubt it.

Law firm Presentation

Copyright The Courts

Face it downloaders, you’re (we’re) screwed

Have you got your torrent client running in the background right now? Do you think you’re just some anonymous person that the copyright holder will never find? Hahaha, I’ve got a surprise for you, thanks to the Federal Court of Canada. Find out what it is after the jump.

Site meta

Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welcome. C’mon in.

Hi there! Welcome to, your source for all things Allen Mendelsohn. Well actually that’s not true. It’s really your source for all things internet law-related. Wait, don’t go away! This is going to be interesting, I promise. Join me after the jump so I can explain why this isn’t your average boring law blog that no one reads.